Rob Barry – Founder Rob is an entrepreneur, New England native and lover of nature. The son of a naturopath, Rob was taught at an early age that even as modern medicine develops, nature has provided most of the answers all along. When he is not experimenting with new natural remedy formulas, he can often be found cruising country roads on his motorcycle, hiking, or at the beach.
Clarissa Segars – Operations Manager Clarissa is a lover of life, natural holistic living, and organization! When not working, you can find her perusing a local market, cooking, eating, or nature/city exploring. She loves dancing and live music. Her cat Sally is a boss.
Dr. Vijayanand Pujari – Researcher and Pharmacist Dr. Vijayanand Pujari holds a Ph.D in pharmaceutical formulations and an M. Pharm in Industrial Pharmacy/Pharmaceuticals. A Registered pharmacist and skilled researcher, Dr. Pujari assists Tranquility Labs in formulating products according to the latest research. His unique background lends itself to exploring the road where modern research has been found to support traditional Eastern medicines.
Jada Coy-Jackson – Office Assistant Jada has a passion for helping people and being a positive contributor to the universe. Born in Boston, MA, she grew up in a household and family where natural remedies and holistic healing were of common use. When she is not working at Tranquility Labs, you can find her being an ABA Therpist for children with Autism, traveling, and going on adventures. She loves shopping, appreciating life, and living in the moment.