• Tranquilene Total Calm®

    Natural Stress and Anxiety Supplement

    Daily support for:
    • Stress
    • General anxiety
    • Ongoing worry or tension
    • Restlessness and edginess
    • Stress related muscle tension
    • Panic

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Tranquility Labs®, creator of Tranquilene®

Welcome to Tranquility Labs®, where eastern remedies meet western science. Our philosophy is to nurture a healthy mind, body and spirit through all-natural supplements. We blend traditional eastern healing herbs with the purest vitamins and nutrients to bring you the best quality remedies money can buy.


Tranquilene Total Calm

Tranquilene Total Calm®

Natural Stress and Anxiety Supplement

A comprehensive natural anti-anxiety supplement designed to correct stress-causing nutritional imbalances over time while providing immediate herbal calming.
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Sleep Fast® Nighttime Spray

Sleep Fast® Nighttime Spray

Natural Melatonin Sleep Aid

A liquid melatonin sleep aid in a tasty pomegranate spray. Natural melatonin along with a calming herbal blend tell your body it’s time for bed helping you get to sleep, fast.
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Focusene bottle


Natural Memory and Focus Supplement

A comprehensive natural nootropic supplement designed to improve focus, memory, and attentiveness using the latest advances in the fields of psychology, nutrition, herbal medicine and neuroscience.
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High DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil

Looking for a brain-boosting fish oil at the highest level of purity and quality? CogniDHA is triple-refined using supercritical CO2 extraction to concentrate omega-3s, boost bio-availability and remove toxic metals like mercury. Clocking in at 84% pure Omega-3, our fish oil is optimized for DHA, which has shown benefits to brain development and cognitive ability.
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Turmeric Curcumin 1000

Turmeric Curcumin 1000

with Bioperine®

Our full-spectrum blend of raw Turmeric powder, a potent extract of 95% pure concentrated Curcumin, and BioPerine – ensuring potency, balance and maximum body absorption.
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Focusene bottle

Ayurvedic Ashwagandha 1000

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

Our Ashwagandha 1000 is simply the best on the market. We combine the natural, raw root of Ashwagandha with the revolutionary KSM-66 standardized extract, the purest in the world. This gives you the full spectrum of everything an Ashwagandha supplement could possibly offer.
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